Maya  Cetkovic



Maya Cetkovic

  Cetkovic,since the beginning aimed to inspect the relation between matter and soul, in a perspective that goes beyond the objective data to discover the hidden connections to an "other" truth. She refers to the Cartesian Dualism key concept,that is "res cogitans", the man's psychic reality which finds its foundation and the proof of its existence in the thought and toward which the "resextends" is opposed,that is the physical essence subjects to mechanistic laws that make the human being slave of senses. The "rescogitans" is the man's essence itself and his soul, that makes him free and capable to self produce.This "free"substance is the  essence from which all is originated and is any existing matter.   According to this ,the human body is the physical case of a deeper essence,invisible and immortal,that permeates not only man but the whole universe.To look for thisessence in the human being and nature,is the aim of Cetkovic,who makes painting an artistic research  tool but before that an existential aim.The tendency to insert the human body in  a field of strengths  created by combinations and contrasts of tones-the "Critic of Art" Daniela Pronesti writes about her-seems to confirm the intend to use colors far away with the aim to give back the "corporeality"of the objective fact,but the inner mystic feeling that moves her. A passage, we could say from exteriority to interiority , from the body to the soul energies that live in it and become true as chromatic evidences of the painted field as well as the lines of the skin,which is sensorial organ and a filter between the human being and outer truth.



 Daniela Pronesti


Maya Cetkovic

Wassily Kandinsky arved that in painting the "chromatic harmony and given the ability to establish effective contact with the soul.

Meaning the color as a tool, released by the iconic function, appears as a visual equivalent of a deep inner needs.

In the paintings of Maya Cetkovic color can not be said to be entirely removed from the criteria of realism and figuration,although the artist makes use seems more designed to reveal the simbolic power the naturalistic relevance,especially in the definition of the back ground,alwys full of vitality that color,while denying the depth,feeling and acting on the interior.

The tendency to place the figure within a field of force created almost solely by the combinations and contrasts of tones,seems to confirm a conception of the color away from wanting to return the "physicality of the objective,as the spiritual tensions that deeply moves him.

One step ,we coul say,from exteriority to interiority spiritual energies from the body to inhabit and take shape in cromatic emphases in the folds of the surface as thin scin,sense organ and filter between"the man and reality.

A picturial research that feeds,reveal how many titles of his paintings,seen as a mystical experience that leads the individual to deal with an absolute reality,inscrutable,the other by itself,leads to ho knowledge of the streets logical, but following the free paths of intuition and perception,those who invite us to discover in the visible.

Manifestations of invisible matter,the projections of the spirit.

Here then,that the marked physicality of his characters is nothing but a segment of living matter which queries the mytry,a medium through which the thickness of the experience dissolves in clear vibration of the soul.


                                                                                                                                   Daniela Pronesti


Luciano Gasbarri


 Maya Cetkovic

"A painter of our times"

 Maya Cetkovic was born in Belgrado,in 1989 she graduated in Paintig at University of Art in Belgrado, ex Jugoslavia. She has been living in Florence from 1989,and she is a commited artist and a complete painter. Maya Cetkovic manages to inject in her works a very particular elegance,using a suggestive light and she breathes life in her paintings through the symbolic use of colour that,together with the harmonious composition of shapes,lines and volumes, that in their relationship of expressions,enlighten the harmony of the composition typical of classic and at the same time releases an anxiety of the sort of metaphysics. Her paintings are open windows on an uncontaminated nature,internal and extenal,magic and soft. The depicted figures never decline in a mere copy of reality and the subjects are made with a full and careful study of colour and it"s value"s,a very fine taste for dense blends,that are spread out giving new results and with a poetic substance,may they be human figures or,naced females,angels,all of these elements are brought together with taste and harmony of the composition,even works that are based on man and on his problems across life. The human figure,enigmatic and complex,is painted as center and periphery of  every tension and emotion, he is a man together a social element,symbol and reality... In here paintings she expresses experiences,o maybe even more she expresses, intuitions of life. If for every artist the search for beauty and of truth is essential,for Maya Cetkovic,truth lays in personal experiences of everyday life and beauty is to reproduce intuitions perceived through reality on the edge between dreams and awareness and to fix it upon the canvas to enjoy it in its genuine nature.  If art is a primitive activity for the soul,not constricted from the human contest and the social contest,for Maya Cetkovic art is to relive all the sensations,loves and contemplations. To relive with all the drama,tensions of hard reality, but with the surprise of discovering beauty,outside any type of clan or corporation,in a nearly cosmic dimension were dreams and reality coexist naturally. Here works live in space sufficient to itself,and

Maya Cetkovic tell here story.

                                        M=Luciano Gasbarri

                                        Pluri Int.le

                                        Studio d Arte L.G.



  Andrea Bolognesi


Maya "s figures in spite of appearance, do not have solid roots, but they are emblematic represetations

of the drama of man suspended between the body and the soul, between spirituality and materiality,the

subject is always in an unstable balance between a bursting physique and an indefinite reality all


                                                  Andrea Bolognesi


Umberto Putzu

Maya Cetkovic develops in here works a fusion between shapes and colours,

in a constant metamomorphosis of  dreams,imaginary and reality.

The artist learned in Belgrado but now naturalized in Italy,in Florence,manages

to release visions of an"other"world,different from the one we are used to live in.

An "other"world realized with respect of the painting surface,with a strong

structure and lived between explosions and soft lines,images and colours.

The names of  her work are itinerary"s,in words of this journey between dreams

and mystery"s,melancholy and meditations. Names given to predetermine an

area were creativity recalls mysterious echos.

"Messaggi dall"al di la",or she recalls myths and symbols"Stonehenge".

But its the daring works that have names such as"Il suono del Labirinto",

"La morte non esiste",Trasformazione Psichica".Even the names of her works

are part of the expressive dimension of the artist, in some of here paintings

she places books,words,notes.For Maya Cetkovic not only there are no

separations,or clear divisions between the real world and the dream world,

divisions between the real world and the dream world,but even between

all these elements that go through the sensitivity of the artist:may them be

objects,animals,visions,images,memory"s sensations.

Even if Maya Cetkovic has some of the features of the classics,and of

surrealism and metaphysics,she refuses a defined style because she lives

art as a dynamic research laboratory.

She traps reality with one look and captures tones,shades,harmony and

images counterpoints,in a time in which creativity often needs actuality,

images and symbols.The harmony of the composition and the attention

to the brightness of tones and colour,that enlighten intensely the figures

depicted,reminding us that"art is always an unusual vision,a different one

and can not be a copy of real world."

The colours are bright,intense,light.In some works we find burning reds,

with switches from clear"cadminio"red to "coral".

In other we find indigo,"veronese"green,"sulphur"yellow,deep oranges

mixed with primary yellows,and shades with "celeste",white and "Naples"

yellow.Here nudes have the taste of "retrieved innocence and stand out for

the intense look in there eyes.They are enigmatic features,they testimony

are time with there endless being:they look like mythological heroes,even

if they do not have any superhuman features,or pastoral.For us they are

invisible but essential mirrors,the are scenery"s of the psyche without vain

things or simulated ones,meditations in the shape of nudes.

And her angels"lighten the road even if some times they fall,and they are

real as we are,the are aware of a detached life,pity and in endless changing,

that to many times we do not notice.Maya Cetkovic"s art depict a felt life,

toudhed but even imagine between memory"s and projections of the mind,

talking even with the body.Because there is nothing of more spiritual than

the body itself,when it is mixed with intelligence and the hearts meditation.


                                                                          Mr. Umberto Putzu




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